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  • himangshubasistha
    himangshubasistha Doing 2 cheers 2017-06-03 06:56:59

    I stay in a very rainy place called Shillong. I will exercise two times a day.
    Morning: 5 a.m Whenever it doesn't rain, I will go for jogging every morning. Else if it rains then 15 minutes of cardio(box run ups, jumping jacks, etc) and few sets of push ups, pull ups, abs, etc
    Evening: Time as convenient
    alternate these five workouts: 1. Chest, abs,serratus 2. Shoulder, traps 3. Leg, abs 4. Arms, abs 5. Back, obliques, serratus
    Mostly compund lifts like variations of Bench press, Squat, Dead, OHP, Pull ups, Rows, Dips and few isolation movements on shoulders.

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