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  • aenea
    aenea 3 cheers 2017-06-06 23:31:58

    Read two books per month: one fiction, one nonfiction

    June: Hocus Pocus and Untangled
    July: The Three Body Problem and Scale

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    • AeneasSubgoals
      AeneasSubgoals 0 cheers 2017-06-08 18:53:26


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      • aenea
        aenea Doing 0 cheers 2017-07-02 01:19:40

        Still finishing both Hocus Pocus and Untangled.

        Untangled is an excellent read but it has taken me too long to finish and now I have to get it back to the library. I did order a copy to keep for reference however, so I do plan to finish it eventually.

        I have some travel coming up and I'm hoping to finish Hocus Pocus on the plane, as well as make a dent into July's books. Scale was written by the keynote speaker of the conference I'm attending, so I'm hoping to make some headway before I listen to his talk, and perhaps acquire his signature. πŸ™‚ The contents are right up my alley academically too, so hopefully a rather quick read, despite its 500 pages.

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