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  • bob1623
    bob1623 Doing 6 cheers 2017-07-06 14:53:22

    Started another book

    It is "Warnings - Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes" by Richard A. Clarke and R.P. Eddy.

    Cassandra was a character in Greek mythology who could see disasters, but was cursed by the gods to be ignored. The book discussed some recent disasters, those that predicted them (the Cassandras) and why they were ignored. It was given to me by my wife for my birthday. Somehow she thinks I like reading about disasters and the fruitless efforts of those trying to save mankind.

    So far it is kind of interesting. It reminds me of the countless disaster movies where some impending disaster is predicted, yet all ignore the predictions until it is too late. The recent movie San Andres comes to mind. There was a lot of destruction in that one.

    Somewhere in the book, a method to separate the true Cassandras from the crackpots will be presented. I'll keep you posted.

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