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Host a dinner party

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  • Queen Purrs Like A Kitten
    Queen Purrs Like A Kitten 0 cheers 2017-05-28 07:46:43

    Hey Fellow Dinner Party goalies...

    How are you defining a "dinner party"?

    Here's one of the Google results l got...
    dinner party
    a social occasion at which guests eat dinner together.

    Then there was this one.....

    dinner party
    noun /ˈdɪn.ə ˌpɑː.ti
    US ​ /ˈdɪn.ɚ ˌpɑːr.t̬i/

    a formal evening meal to which a small number of people are invited.

    Ok... so my question is how formal or informal are you going?
    Does there need to be an occasion?
    If l were to go formal no one would come.... would love to hear everyone's ideas!

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