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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 4 cheers 2017-09-21 05:24:05

    Loan Nr 92 to Biolite, Uganda

    This month's loan goes to


    A loan of $50,000 helps to provide clean cookstoves that charge phones for low income families in Uganda.

    Biolite's story

    Nearly half the world's population still cooks on open smoky fires, causing over four million respiratory-related deaths annually—more than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. They also emit more black carbon, the second-greatest contributor to climate change, than all of the world's cars and trucks.


    BioLite designs and manufactures personal-scale energy appliances that enable users to cook, charge, and light their lives off the grid. BioLite believes in a market-based business model that leverages the revenue generated from their outdoor recreation product line to support their emerging markets initiative where BioLite partners with 3rd party credit-enabled distributors. These partners provide consumer finance to sell products to off-grid, low-income customers within their channels. BioLite supports distribution partners by providing product demonstrations, customer training, and after-sales service.

    To date, BioLite has retailed 20,000 HomeStoves and 5,000 SolarHome 620 units, providing life-changing clean energy access to 125,000 people.

    Loan Use

    This loan will enable BioLite to bridge the gap in cash-flows that exists between manufacturing their products and delivering them to off-grid, low-income customers.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 4 cheers 2017-08-20 08:10:33

    Loan 91 - Minie from Liberia

    This months loan goes to


    A loan of $350 helps to buy more ingredients that will be used to prepare cooked food to sell.

    Minie's story
    Meet Minie. She is 45 years old and married, with four children. Minie has two children who are presently in school while living at home. She never had the opportunity to attend school. She runs a business where she prepares cooked food to sell. She has been involved in this business for six years and she described herself as a strong and hardworking business woman. Minie often spends nine hours per day, Monday through Saturday, at her business site. She began her business with her own savings and learned the trade by herself. She uses a car to transport supplies to her business site. She has had no problem with her business. To increase business, Minie had asked for a loan through Kiva's field partner BRAC Liberia to buy more ingredients that will be used to prepare cooked food to sell. She likes her business because sales are fast. She feels proud of her business because it is profitable. Minie dreams of building a shop and educating her children in the future. She wishes to say thanks.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 2 cheers 2017-07-24 19:15:43

    Loan 90 - Pualhaj Las Gradas Group from Guatemala

    This months loan goes to


    A loan of $3,025 helps a member to purchase and sell traditional clothing such as: güipils, sashes, and hand-woven cloth.

    Pualhaj Las Gradas Group's story
    María is a great woman with great aspirations for her life. She says that her traditional-clothing business went very well for her. This was possible because of the help from the loan, which contributed to the improvement of her income.

    María now is looking for a new loan which she will invest in the purchase of more traditional clothing merchandise to continue growing the traditional clothing business, such as: güipils, sashes, and hand-woven cloth.

    Her greatest desire is to have a chain of traditional-clothing stores.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 5 cheers 2017-06-25 06:58:43

    Loan 89 - Paul from Zambia

    This months loan goes to


    A loan of $1,900 helps to obtain a solar water pump to help irrigate his crops.

    Paul is a 62-year-old small-scale farmer based in the Chisamba District of Zambia’s Central Province. Paul has lived in Chisamba for over twenty-nine years with his wife and three children and has been farming for twenty-four years. Paul is asking for a loan so that he can obtain a solar water pump to help irrigate his crops.

    Paul grows a variety of crops on his farm including soya beans, maize, tomatoes, and onions. Due to the high cost of irrigation equipment, Paul has had to rely on the rain or manually draw water from a shallow well on his farm using buckets. After harvest Paul takes his crops to markets in Lusaka, a few hours drive from Chisamba, where they fetch a more favourable price than at markets around his farm's area. A solar water pump would greatly reduce the labour required and increase the efficiency of the irrigation during the dry season.

    Rent-to-Own is interested in testing out new irrigation technologies that are not widely available in the Zambian market, such as the solar water pump. With the cost of solar power dropping each year in conjunction with the rising costs of fuel in the region, solar technologies are becoming a more viable option. Rent-to-Own will deliver the solar water pump directly to Paul's farm and will provide Paul with training on how to use and maintain the pump properly.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 5 cheers 2017-05-23 18:43:43

    Loan Nr 88 Grupo Las Hermanas Panquiney Group from Guatemala


    Marta is a woman who works very hard to get ahead with her family. She says she is very happy for the advances she has made with her previous loan, which allowed her to improve her living conditions and to better serve her clients.
    With the goal of continuing to prosper with her business, she is now requesting a new loan to invest in the purchase of more merchandise for her business where she sells traditional clothing. She sells products such as güipiles, corsets, and skirts.
    Her greatest desire is to improve her family's living conditions.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 15 cheers 2017-04-23 11:04:06

    Loan Nr 87 - Rudi from Indonesia


    A loan of $4,000 helps to buy 250 water filters to provide 1250 people with safe drinking water in Indonesia.

    Rudi's story

    Rudi lives in Lepadi village on the island of Sumbawa, a relatively poor island in eastern Indonesia. He is a father of three and is the owner of a building materials store in his home village. Rudi became the head of the village’s municipal organization of sanitation entrepreneurs, which was founded with the help of the NGOs Simawi and Plan International.

    As in any other part of Indonesia, one cannot drink the water from the tap in Sumbawa. Therefore, many households boil their water using ever more expensive LGP or wood. Boiling water is time-consuming, and it is not effective in treating turbid water.

    Nazava water filters turn dirty water into water that is ready to drink without the need for boiling it first. Rudi learned about Nazava water filters at a training session in November, 2016, and he is convinced this is a great solution for the drinking water issues in his area.

    Rudi has applied for a 52,856,250 IDR loan through Kiva's field partner Nazava to buy 250 filters to sell through a network of entrepreneurs within his organization. The products will supply safe drinking water to 1,250 people.

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 8 cheers 2017-03-19 08:22:14

    Loan Nr 86 - Miguel in Nicaragua


    Miguel is married and has seven children. Miguel now works growing peanuts, raising cattle and pigs and running a small welding workshop.

    The community where Miguel lives has no electric power, and he has to go to a fairly distant area from his home for access to water. He is therefore requesting a loan to buy a water pump for better access to water for his crops, animals, grazing and home use.

    Miguel would be very grateful for the opportunity this loan provides to purchase the water pumping system.

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  • fantomenmom
    fantomenmom Done 1 cheers 2017-03-01 03:20:01

    I've done this!

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  • spatz
    spatz Doing 13 cheers 2017-02-18 20:11:01

    85th loan

    New month, new loan:

    Adela from Nicaragua

    Adlea is a pleasant woman. She lives in the town of Waspam. She is married with five children. The eldest, 16 years old, is in secondary school, and the four younger ones are in primary school. She and her husband work as teachers.

    Because their income would not cover the replacement of the wood in her stilt house, which is somewhat deteriorated, she requests her first loan to improve her home - buying wood and nails, and covering the cost of labor. This would give her a home that is pretty and secure.

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