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  • Queen Purrs Like A Kitten
    Queen Purrs Like A Kitten Doing 1 cheers 2017-05-06 12:42:12

    Update- See an AFL match Live. (6th May 2017. Richmond V's Bulldogs. Richmond lost)

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  • neek0ab
    neek0ab Done 0 cheers 2017-04-02 09:12:19

    I've done this!

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  • Queen Purrs Like A Kitten
    Queen Purrs Like A Kitten Doing 1 cheers 2017-02-17 11:44:12

    Go Overseas again and Learn a language.... April 1-10th we are going to Bali and so learning some Indonesian.

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  • Queen Purrs Like A Kitten
    Queen Purrs Like A Kitten Doing 1 cheers 2017-02-17 11:40:45

    Ok so here’s the list I’m up to 50 things
    See the Melbourne Aces baseball team play live- (completed- Jan 22nd 2012 and Jan 2015)
    Rockclimbing, indoors or outdoors it doesn’t matter (comleted September 2015- Pildappa Rock Sth Aust and Wave Rock WA)
    See an AFL match Live. ( 6tg May 2017. Richmond V's Bulldogs. Richmond lost)
    See Melbourne Storm Rugby team play live
    eat every different type of food (Italian,Indian, Mongolian,Greek, French German, and Indonesion in Bali, April 2017. Polynesian,Seafood. (Mexican- Jan 2012, Thai March 2012, December 2012- Chinese Banquet)
    Snorkel well- (October- November 2012 tick)
    Free camping... Somewhere in the wild that we don't pay anyone for. (Pildappa Rock Sth Australia Sept 2015)
    More camping and hiking (September-October-November 2012-56 days camping in total hiking some days 10 kms)
    Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef( October 2012 Big Lap, snorkeled with a reef shark)
    swim with a turtle (not quite but we did see one in the same water)
    swim with the dolpins
    Swim with the Crocodile in Darwin NT (completed March 2nd 2012)
    Take your beloved on a midnight picnic
    Ride a roller-coaster
    Ride a camel
    Eat a camel
    Go to STH Australia and find an Opal (September 2012- Coober Pedy Sth Australia)
    Go to Queensland and find a Sapphire
    Go fishing- catch it, photograph it, clean it, cook it and eat it (Menindee Lakes Nov 2013. Esperance WA October 11th 2015)
    Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
    Go skinny dippin’
    water slides (various locations October-November 2012 big Lap)
    Visit Uluru (If Oprah can then bloody hell so can I!) (October 1,2,3rd 2012- awesome experience)
    Throw an Awesome 50th birthday party
    Glamour portrait with my daughters. (Jasmin's wedding Nov 29th 2015)
    Girls only pamper weekend ( Bestie and l did this in March 2017)
    Pamper weekend with my Bloke
    Weekend away on the motorbike (more than once if possible)
    Tour Tasmania and include Brewery Tour and Chocolate Factory tour
    Loose 12 kilos and keep it off until my 50th party (first part completed Sept 2011- lost 12 kgs)
    *Tandem Skydive Hopefully for my 50th Birthday!

    • Visit the 6 states and 2 territories in Australia (so far we've done, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Territories - Canberra and Northern Territory,)
      Hot air balloon ride
      See a play on stage ( Kismet park)
      Go overseas again ( April 1-10th 2017. Bali Baby!!)
      Fancy dress ball or party- go to one or throw one! (Ambers 21st birthday Masquerade party)
      Grow a bonsai tree for each child
      Helicopter ride (Over Uluru on October 2nd 2012, awesome!!)
      Learn a language (Balinese and a little Indonesian. April 2017)
      Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
      Shave my head to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation (just do it because I can!) (TICK!!!! December 31st 2012 11.45pm AND Leukaemia Foundation March 2015, raised $1,600)
      Go Parasailing
      Go jet boating
      Go see a Live Concert (October 3rd 2013- Alan Jackson, Deni ute Muster)
      Go for a weekend to the snow
      Write my book
      Grow, harvest, cook and eat my own vegetables- (summer 2014/2015)
      Sell my art (if only one piece!)
      Go up in a glider
      See an Opera ( complete 14th June 2012- Barber of Seville at Kismet)

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