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Become a musician

  • khaosinkinema
    khaosinkinema Doing 4 cheers 2017-04-14 09:06:49

    Hello everybody.

    This is my first-priority goal so-to-say. 🙂 Until very recently, I felt quite down in all aspects of my life, and didn't get around to doing much for this goal, unfortunately, and this created some kind of "Writer's Block"... I now discovered some tips on how to write (better) songs, and I am really amazed, and definitely want to try this...

    Just an information: I mainly sing and play the electric guitar, but also want to write my own songs. So far, I have managed to do so quite often, but had the feeling my results in songwriting never really resembled what I expected from the actual song 😞... But I am not willing to give it all up! I know this sentence is completely overused / cheesy, but music really is my life. It is the only reason I see for my existence, and the only thing that regularly touches my heart, sometimes unexpectedly, but I belong there.

    Have a nice day!!

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